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Clemco-Elite Standard Systems


  • Layout and secure J Metal Bottom Track against existing wall.
  • Secure flat strap horizontally across the middle portion of the wall.
  • Plumb and install furring studs vertically into bottom track.
  • Install Z Metal Top Track horizontally across top of furring stud.
  • Place uni-standard in the FS.  Level slots with adjacent standards.
  • Secure uni-standard with screw in the pre-punched holes.
  • Attach drywall.  
  • Drive screws through drywall, uni-standard and into FS.
  • Tape, spackle and finish in conventional manner.
  • Remove protective spline.
  • Detailed diagrams available upon request. 

Clemco-Elite 1" Furring Stud (FS) Installation
The furring stud was developed to add and to attach a recessed uni-standard to an existing wall with minimal loss of floor space and minimal added wall thickness.
(Pictured Below) Furring Stud Accessories labeled
(Pictured Below) Mock Wall Sample
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